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Entry in to Galas

Upcoming Gala's are posted on the bulletin  board and on the website. The poster will detail who is collecting the entries on behalf of the club.

The two main people to collect the entries are: Jackie Warner and Fiona Roberts

The poster will detail the entry requirements and and Time Limits that need to be met.

Entry Hints and Tips

  • Due to spaces at meets being limited specific details of each of Gala’s often go up on the club’s notice board many months before the Meet is actually held. To ensure that you do not miss entering your swimmer and because occasionally additional meets become available at short notice we recommend that you check the club notice boards on a weekly basis.
  • Check carefully if the meet is an “age on day” or “age at end of year”. Most entries are based on the age that the swimmer will be on the day of the meet, or last day of the meet if it is more than one day, however a few meets still operate on the swimmers age at the 31st December.
  • Check if it is a Long Course (swum in a 50m pool) or Short Course (swum in a 25m pool) Meet and make sure that if you are entering a swimmers personal best times that you have used their correct time.
  • Some Meets will set “consideration times”. These are the slowest times that are likely to gain entry to this meet.
  • As a general rule it is recommended that swimmers enter no more than 2 swims per session of an all day or weekend long gala.
  • Some clubs operate on a fastest time entry process. Please don’t be disappointed if you find that a swimmer has not been accepted for a meet that you had hoped to attend.
  • All individual swim costs are the responsibility of the parent/guardian and must be paid for prior to attending the meet.
  • If the meet is operating with entry cards please ensure that you have received these at least 2 weeks prior to the meet date and ensure that you take them with you on the day.
  • If you are in any doubt as to which meets or events your swimmer should be entering please discuss it with your swimmers coach or the competition secretary. Whilst other parents may be happy to give you the benefit of their experience regarding entering gala’s each swimmer is an individual and what may be OK for one will not be right for another

Details of the 2017-2018 Gala Calendar can be found here

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