Thrilling night at Halifax Invitational

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They came, they swam, they thrilled. Halifax welcomed Skipton, Team Jorvik, Bradford, Bradford Dolphins and Dewsbury to the annual Halifax Invitational Saturday night, 11 November.  Halifax faced some stiff competition from strong clubs who dominated at times, but were able to put in some downright heroic swims of their own to pull out the win.


Well done to Halifax swimmers Daisy Tomlinson; Amelia Brooksbank; Charlotte Culf; Carmel West; Jacob Sandford; Riley Keegan; Patrick Svarc-Jeffs; Zak Wood; Jessica Williamson; Molly Roberts; Gina Speakman; Anna Basford; Matthew Jackson; Michael Hartley; Matthew Raine; Thomas Jackson; Hannah Speakman; Emily Pyrah; Ashley Evered; Lois Shackleton; Robbie Abbott; Charlie Kershaw; Tom Sandford; Lewis Wainwright; Phoebe Tomlinson; Charlotte Bennett; Lucy Sullivan; Megan Armitage; Matthew Greidanus; Jack Wilcocks; Nick Brackenridge; Andrew Raine; and Julian Warner.


Final results:

HALIFAX 206 points
🥈SKIPTON 166 points
🥉TEAM JORVIK 139 points
4️⃣BRADFORD 134 points
6️⃣DEWSBURY 44 points

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